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Merchant Team Q&A – Liane

/ November 28 2016
Encon Merchant Choice Rep Team

Providing knowledge and expertise for Merchant customers in Maidstone and the surrounding area, we grabbed a quick 5 minutes with Liane Bayliss to find out about her role at Encon Insulation


What do you enjoy about working with Independent Merchants?

“They are really down to earth and easy to deal with. It’s no nonsense!”

What has your role taught you? 

“There are not enough women in the Builders Merchant Network!”

What do you think makes Independent merchants unique in the building industry?

“They are more personable and really care about their customers – finding the right product to help their project. You can see how passionate they are about it”

What do you think the future holds for Independent Merchants?

“I think that independent merchants will need to become more computerised and get more involved in online trading, as a lot are still writing out orders manually with more traditional processes. With the industry and customer buying habits changing they might get left behind if they don’t modernise.”