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Merchant Team Q&A – Tony

/ March 10 2017
Encon Merchant Choice Rep Team

Encon Merchant Choice Rep Team Tony Black

Recently new to his role looking after our Merchant customers in Nottingham and Birmingham, Tony Black has hit the ground running. We stole 5 minutes of his time to find out how he’s settling in with Encon.


What are you enjoying most about working with Independent Merchants?

I really like how direct the process is, most of the time I’m speaking with the decision maker and really getting a clear understanding of their needs as a business and what their customers are looking for. It often feels like I’m an extended member of each Independent Merchant’s team! I’m not just there to offer products but also to help advise and find the best solutions that will work for their customers and it’s a pleasure to be trusted to provide that advice.


What do you think makes Independent merchants unique in the building industry?

A lot of the independent merchants are family run businesses and even if they are not, they have that family feel to them. Everyone working there is invested in the business and working towards the same goals. The Merchants form lasting relationships with their customers built on reliability and trust which are the same values we are passionate about in our business.


What do you think the future hold for Independent Merchants?

Endless opportunities. As long as there is building to be done, an Independent Merchant will have an important role to play. I also think as time goes on, many will see a benefit in getting more active online to move with their customers and grab more opportunities to showcase their products and services.


What are you looking forward about your role for the rest of 2017?

 Definitely growing the relationships I’m building now with new and existing merchants, as well as helping them to grow their businesses. When you work well together and really get to know a business and its place in the local community it’s brilliant to watch it thrive.